Greenvale Capital is an alternative investment management firm that seeks to implement a rigorous and thorough research–driven approach to investing in public markets.


Greenvale Capital is a global long-short equity investment fund focused primarily on liquid, public markets. The investment universe includes technology, media, telecom, industrials, business services, medtech, and consumer companies. Greenvale takes a deeply analytical approach to investing, supported by real-world, hands-on primary research.


Greenvale Capital manages assets on behalf of institutional investors with the aim of generating consistently strong results. We believe a portfolio with low net market exposure can deliver high returns with low correlation to the market.  We work on the basis that accurate earnings forecasts, with material variance compared to consensus, will generate stock-specific alpha for our investments and contribute high returns to our portfolio.


Founded in March 2015, Greenvale Capital was started by Bruce Emery (formerly with Citadel Investment Group, Naya Capital). He has assembled an experienced team for both the investment and operational parts of the organization.